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Martin Feuer

Always a lumberman, Martin Feuer literally cut his teeth working with his father in a small sawmill in New Hampshire.  As young men do Mr. Feuer eventually cut out on his own acquiring sawmills, distribution networks, retail yards and an international trading arm.  The latter became his passion as he took work as a consultant to the timber industry worldwide.  From the Great Taiga in Siberia to the jungles of the Amazon.  Mr. Feuer has striven to implement tenants of sustainable forestry and conservation.  today at 68 years young he continues the mission for a sustainable forestry structure through DMG Hardwoods.  Always ready to share his knowledge wrapped in a fascinating story Mr. Feuer is truly a lumberman in the old traditions.  He looks forward to chatting with anyone with an interest in wood no matter how small or obscure.

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Jacques Hauray

Jacques J. Hauray has over 40 years of experience in international wood business. Jacques has traveled extensively in the United States, Siberia, South East Asia, Africa and South America where he acquired his knowledge of domestic and exotic woods.
He started his career unloading ships loaded with logs from Africa in his native town of Nantes in Brittany, France.   He then worked for Lumber wholesalers around the Boston area. 
In the 80’s, he started to travel overseas to fulfill his passion for wood from different places around the world.
He then met again with his old Pal Marty a few years back and joined him at DMG Hardwoods.
Today, Marty & Jacques share their experiences and passion for wood with their customers.