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DMG Hardwoods grew its first roots in the jungles of the Guyana's.  While surveying timber for a hydroelectric dam Mr. Feuer came across a unique species called Dicorynia Guianensis.  Used extensively in the Netherlands for water works, Angelique as it is commonly called, seemed a good candidate for lobster trap runners.  Traditional oak runners where being devoured by marine borers so an alternative wood was needed.  During production of runners one thing led to another and the idea of making exterior decking from the same specie seemed plausible.  DMG Naval Deck was born.  With the successful importation to the US both runners and decking DMG Hardwoods came into being.  Today DMG Hardwoods stocks a wide variety of unique woods, domestic and imported.  Always dedicated to environmentally sound forest utilization DMG continues to grow.

Our facilities are located in the town of York in Southern Maine.