We offer a wide variety of exotic and unique decking from South America to Western Africa.  All of the decking is durability class 1 and well known for its strength and durability.


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naval Decking

In the mid 1900’s heavy wood planking, usually Teak was used to protect decks of many naval vessels including aircraft carriers.  During World War II Teak became unavailable when Japan occupied Southeast Asia.  The Allied navies turned to Douglas Fir and a South American hardwood which today is being brought to you as Naval Deck.

Naval Deck Installation

Naval Deck History and Information

USDA Forest Service Data Sheet

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Purple Heart

Purple Heart decking features a rich purple coloring, giving it its namesake.  Purple Heart wood is native to many parts of South America and is know for its durability.

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Ipe is indigenous to Central and South America, and is well known to be some of the most durable decking on the market.  Ipe features a dense interlocking grain structure that forms unique swirling patterns with its greenish amber color. 

USDA Forest Service Data Sheet

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Port Orford Cedar

Port Orford Cedar is light yet has great strength and rot resistance.  Due to the nature of the straight grain of the wood it is sought after for arrow shafts as well as decking.

USDA Forest Service Data Sheet

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Makossa Decking comes from West Africa and offers a beautiful reddish-brown colored finish.  Additionally, Makossa has natural properties that make it some of the toughest and longest lasting decking materials available.  

Makossa Installation

USDA Forest Service Data Sheet



Wallaba is a redish brown wood with lighter colored veins. Wallaba is a great choice for high traffic areas such as boat docks, walkways and outdoor cafe decks. Highly durable, non splintering and care free. Rated durability class 1 for 25 plus years of service. 

Wallaba Data Sheet